Is all about our studio, my workplace. How did this first come about? It began 5 years ago went I quit my 9 to 5 job and wanted to start a new career as a professional photographer.

Instant Print Photo Booth

2 years have passed, and I decided to own a photo studio for myself. The purpose of the studio is to showcase one of my services called “Instant Print Photo Booth”. Later on, only notice that most of my clients who book me for photo booth service seldom visit us. So I decided to turn it into a photo studio instead.

My current arrangement and design look so much different now. The reason is to let my client feel cozy and comfortable when having their photo session.

At the moment, we provide professional headshots/portraits, family portraits, maternity portraits, couple portraits at our studio, and even a passport photo session as well.

If somehow you come across this post and would like to engage us for your portrait session,  you are most welcome to leave us a message here.